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Take your Coda formulas from "I can get by" to "I can do anything" with a fully interactive course designed to be taken at your own pace, with accountability and community built in.

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Is this you?

  • You have a need for organization in your digital life?
  • You want more power than what Excel, Google Sheets, or Notion can provide?
  • You want to integrate tools from across the web in one place?
  • You project manage for teams?

Then Coda School is the place for you!


Our students speak for themselves

It is definitely the most helpful resource for Coda out there!

Becca Faber

Coda for VCs

Office hours are a game-changer because I can ask specific questions & receive personalized attention.

Courtney Baker

Builders + Backers

I rush to one of my docs and add something you showed because the topics are always so applicable!

Erin Bunge

Music Educator

If you’re new to Coda or more advanced, you’ll come away having learned something new and valuable.

Karina Mikhli

Fractional COO

It is truly amazing to watch Scott teach me to make Coda docs from my complex scenarios. My most valuable learning experience to date

Sean Gillic

Sustainable Future

Look no where else if you’re serious about learning Coda.

Bhanu Singh

Teacher & Maker

The Course

Don’t just learn the formulas. Discover how apply them to your own docs in powerful ways. We cover 130+ formulas with over 140+ actionable activities.
Real World
Use Cases
Get first hand experience with real-life Coda application, learning how to reach meaningful actions and outcomes through formula combinations.
Forget getting stuck and not knowing where to go. Coda School includes a vast database with explanations, tricks, use cases, and best practices easily available when you need it most.
Enjoy exclusive access to a Coda expert through Bi-Weekly office hours where you can dive into your own docs for advice, troubleshooting, and training.
(A $500/month value)
Life Changing Education
The skills you will learn in this course are endlessly applicable to your life, your work, and your finances. The potential is unlimited.

Going through section-by-section and immediately having activities to help you practice makes it easier to integrate the formulas into your arsenal.

Jonah Carloss

Music Educator

The Format

Coda will be our hub, giving you full access to the course in it’s entirety, with every lesson being interactive and living so you can see behind the curtain throughout every step in the process. Every student will get their own Coda portal to have complete autonomy to their course.

Your Syllabus

Understand the fundamental concept that structures Coda’s formula language.
Learn all common symbols used in formulas to increase your fluency.
Formula Chips
All data types explained so that you can more effectively write complex formulas and debug any issues.
Formula Best Practices
Understand the tips and tricks you need to more effectively edit your work.
Coda’s formulas explained in lucid detail with an interactive format.
Challenges, activities, and a fully indexed search function to make the course relevant for years to come.

Live Training

Office Hours

Join a Coda Expert to work through your Coda questions in real-time. You will be paired with a cohort of Coda Users in a similar skill-set so the whole class receives value, even when simply observing

  • Bi-Weekly
  • Class size cap of 8
  • 1 Token per Class


Get 1-on-1 training with our Coda Experts to work through your Coda questions together. Spend this time diving into your niche use-cases, getting customized instruction to build your best documents.

  • Scheduled
  • 1-on-1 Training
  • 3 Tokens per Training
  • Exclusive to Gold Package


Tokens are the currency of Coda School, and you can use your tokens to sign-up for additional Office Hours. Token come with your chosen package, and are also available for additional purchase of $50 per token.

Meet your Professor

TheCodaGuy “Scott”

Coda wizard

Coda boss and industry educator who has built systems and led teams for companies in many different sectors.

• VC funds
• AI Development
• Creative Agencies

• Heathcare
• Construction Firms
• and many more

TheCodaGuy knows all there is to know. And he’s super helpful!

Noah Reinisch

Director of Advancement

Every time I go into our Brand Manual I'm impressed all over again. Would be shocked to see one more functional.

Shaina Denny

Cofounder and CEO of Dogdrop

In terms of how easy it was, all I'll say is no way I could of done it myself without Scott


Viral Marketing Expert



  • The Course
  • The Community
  • Unlimited Events
  • 5 Office Hours Tokens
    ($250 Value)


  • The Course
  • The Community
  • Unlimited Events
  • 12 Office Hours Tokens
    ($600 Value)
    • Exclusive Access to
      1-on-1 Training


Coda School is designed to scale with your team, and getting everyone on your team trained on the same platform is key. Ask about enterprising discounts!

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